Wealth Management and Succession Planning

With a multidisciplinary team specialized in complementary areas of law such as  Civil Law, Family Law, Succession Law, Real Estate, and Contracts, Novotny provides extensive assistance to individuals, families and family-owned companies to help them organize and preserve their assets and plan for succession. Our practice covers:

  • Consulting services related to the organization and structuring of  family assets;
  • Corporate reorganization, including the drafting of family agreements, shareholders’ agreements, bylaws and other corporate governance instruments for family-owned entities;
  • Structuring of funds and reorganizing family assets under a fund structure;
  • Preparation of individual tax returns, Brazilian Central Bank declarations and other ancillary obligations;
  • Regularization of assets located outside Brazil;
  • Coordination, along with foreign lawyers and consultants, in establishing offshore trusts, holdings and funds, and assistance in complying with tax and Central Bank obligations regarding the ownership of assets abroad;
  • Legal advice in Succession Law;
  • Assistance in succession planning by means of asset planning arrangements, donations in life, wills and other instruments;
  • Legal advice in estate administration as well as in disputes about family property and inheritance.

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